The Rejected Werewolf Princess Novel Synopsis

Camilla, a young omega stripper struggling to make ends meet, faces constant rejection and humiliation from her pack.On her 18th birthday, during an Alpha’s party, she is publicly embarrassed when he realizes they are mates but rejects her in front of everyone.Desperate and humiliated, Camilla runs away into the forest and is saved by a pack of wolves, one of whom is her second chance mate, the notorious Alpha Ryker.As she gets to know Ryker and his pack, she discovers that their brutal reputation is merely rumors.All is going well when she realizes that she is the crux of a prophecy.Her power hungry ex mate finds out as well and decides he wants her back for himself.Two Alphas, One prophecy, One lost princess What could possibly go wrong?

The Rejected Werewolf Princess Chapter 1 – 25

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