Please Take Me Home Daddy Novel Synopsis

Laura Yale was hurrying home with a pack of pasta when she witnessed her mother knocked down by a car.At four years old, she suddenly became an orphan, or so she thought. She was elated when Antonio Smith wanted to do a paternity test with her.However, her hopes dashed when Antonio lied about the test results.Despite being shunned by her father, step- brothers, and maternal uncles because of her mother’s despicable act,Laura was determined to win their hearts back because it was her dream to have a family. In addition,the biggest challenge awaited her, gaining the recognition of Winnie Yale – her aunt who was betrayed and nearly killed by her own sister, Laura’s mother.As Laura went through the ups and downs to realize her dream, her childhood friend from the welfare home, Zayn Graham, stood by her side and supported her silently.Would Laura’s efforts pay off and finally lead her to the happy ending she hoped for?The sharp voice of a woman pierced the air. “Vixen! I’m starving!Hurry up and fix me something to eat!” In hurried strides, Laura Yale made her way over to the cupboard on her petite legs, rifling through its contents.A few moments later, she stood before her mom with a timid expression and mumbled, “Mommy… there’s no pasta left…”Lilian Yale’s response was swift and harsh as she yelled, “If there’s no pasta, can’t you just go out and buy some?”

Please Take Me Home Chapter 1 – 20

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