This novella is the 9th book in the Guardian series, the 5th in the Guardian Next Generation series.
While it can be read as a stand-alone book, references will be made to other events and people
without full description of those events here. It is recommended that you read the other books in
this series before this one.
Enchanting the Prince
To The Moon Goddess and Back

The Unprepared Luna Novel Synopsis

Malin Holstin is the daughter of Liam and Angel Holstin and the twin sister of Quinn.
She and her sister are the 5th and 6th children born to her parents.
After her brother took over as Alpha, her older sister became the acting Luna until Rich found his mate.
Malin has led a charmed life, always protected by her father and three older brothers,
never needing to take on much of a role in the pack since first Leana, then Emlyn, took the role of Luna.
Cohen Forte is the second child and first son of Cara and Rik Forte. He took over as Alpha nearly a year and a half ago.
His pack is well established and is flourishing. The only thing he is missing is his Luna.
Cohen realizes that Malin is his mate before she’s old enough to feel the pull of the mate bond.

The Unprepared Luna Chapter 1 – 4

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