This story is the second in the Guardians Next Generation and sixth in the overall Guardians
series. While it can be read as a standalone book, there will be references to events and people in
the other books that may not be fully explained in this book.
In addition, this book occurs in a parallel timeframe to Shattered Bonds. Crossovers and
timeframes from that book will be seen in this book.

Enchanting the Prince Novel Synopsis

Lily Forte has known her mate since she was born. The Fae Prince, Aolis, realized she was his mate while she was in utero.
He has waited patiently for Lily to grow up and reach her 18th birthday so she and her wolf will recognize him as her mate.
However, when Lily turns 18, even though she feels the mate bond, she doesn’t respond to it, asking Aolis for time.
He has always been like a brother, like the other sons of the Guardians.
Now, she’s supposed to feel differently for Aolis because her wolf says he’s her mate?
Not only that, but she has never dated another man. She has no idea what it is like to be kissed by someone.
Most she-wolves have at least some experience before they meet their mates,
but everyone has stayed away from her, knowing her mate had already identified her as his.
On a fateful night, she is kissed by another wolf, and realizes that Aolis felt her betrayal.

Enchanting the Prince Chapter 1 – 4

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