The Alpha’s Contract (Neah and Dane) Novel Synopsis

“Where the fuck is she?” I hear the Beta scream. I already knew Beta Kyle was talking about
me, the only servant of the house. I groan and get to my feet, grabbing the cleaning basket
and taking it with me.
The moment Beta Kyle sees me, he strides towards me and his hand slices against my cheek.
I don’t make a sound. Years of experience has taught me to keep my mouth shut at all times
and only speak when spoken too, even if what they are doing to me hurts.
“Alpha Trey and I are expecting company and you still have not cleaned the office like you
were asked.” Beta Kyle spits at me
I nod my head and my hand tightens on the cleaning basket. If I could just find the courage
to swing it at his head, it would make my day. I resisted, he was stronger than me and I
didn’t need locking up for another week with no food. My stomach already hurt enough.
“We are trying to make a good impression on Alpha Dane. Do you not understand how
important it is for us to join ourselves with his pack?!”
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