The Gold Queen Novel Synopsis

Before there was an Ivory Queen, the Gold Queen sat on the throne…In an attempt to protect her people, Princess Sofia Reyes accepts a marriage proposal to the neighboring Prince and known playboy, Julian Bolivar.On the night of her 18th birthday, Sofia runs into Mateo Altamirano, a gifted but stubborn future Alpha, and her fated mate.Forced to share the same roof, sparks and bonds become harder to ignore.But the threats to her kingdom as still very real and after finding out they are the Fated pair meant to bring forth the Ivory Twins,Sofia and Mateo must make a decision: be together and cause destruction or separate and save their Kingdom.Will Sofia choose her Prince and save her people or will she choose her Mate and doom them all?

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The Gold Queen Chapter 1 – 5

The Gold Queen Chapter 6 – 10

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