The Alpha’s Rejected And Broken Mate Novel Synopsis

The Beginning;

Her screams were loud, enough so that they echoed throughout the entire mansion, servants listening with horror on their faces,the master, Beta Mathew, pacing back and forth in the corridor outside his mate’s room, having been banished by the midwife for being completely useless.His wife too had not wanted him to see her like this, her legs up as she tried to bear down and push the babies out of her womb,her body drenched in sweat from the many hours of labor she had been in. It was far too much for a woman to have to take, he thought wretchedly to himself.Finally, he heard it. The distant wail of a newborn baby and he opened the door to the bedroom,not caring that he might anger the midwife, only caring that he wanted to see the child and make sure his wife was alright.He reached the bed and glanced down at his tired wife who held a babe in her arms, the midwife still between her legs, ready for the second of the twins to be born.

The Alpha’s Rejected And Broken Mate Chapter 1 – 5

The Alpha’s Rejected And Broken Mate Chapter 6 – 10

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