Let’s Divorce As Agreed Novel Synopsis

Shu Pan thought Gu Shaoting was the one.She thought the world’s most wonderful love was bestowed upon her.Never did she expect she was never loved and their happy moments to be fake.When their three-year marriage fell apart, she fled.Only then did she realize Gu Zhaoting’s lies and act of vengeance. Four years later, they met again.She had a mini version of herself while he had a girlfriend with whom he was in talks of marriage.The two of them were parallel lines. However, Gu Zhaoting discovered that he had a deeper attachment to her.When he found out that the mini version of her was his daughter, he was furious. Right now, he only wanted to hold their hands for the rest of his life.

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Let’s Divorce As Agreed Chapter 1 – 5

Let’s Divorce As Agreed Chapter 6 – 10

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