For as long as I can remember, I’ve lived in a small kitchen utility room.

An adopted orphan can’t have a bed. When I was young, I slept under a low table.
Melissa gave me her old mattress as she grew older, which was the only comfortable thing I had.

Melissa was a year younger than me, and she was Alpha Michael and Luna Ellen’s daughter.
My mother was Alpha’s sister and Luna’s best friend, and she died giving birth to me.
As of my father, I’ve never heard anything about him from Luna and Alpha. Not sure if he is dead.

The Alpha took me in because of my alpha bloodline but they still blamed me for my mom’s death. Their hatred has caused me endless torture and bullying.

When I was four, I had to help in the kitchen. When I was tall enough to reach the bed, I had to help with the beddings.
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