“Stupid Halloween” I cursed under my breath as I passed various dumb college students. I don’t even understand what the fuss about this day was?
It’s just a random day where freaks get to be themselves.
I stared at the bright moon that shone above me in awe and admiration as the wind blew through my skin. It was definitely a chilly night. I was getting so lost in the weather that I didn’t bother to look at where I was heading to.
“Trick or treat?” Three little children in some awful Harry Potter costumes ran up to me, but I was glad my cat had scared them off before I was able to curse them out. This was one of the reasons I loved her. She didn’t give a fuck about people, and she learned that from me.
I had found her laying in front of an old building some months back and later realised her owners had left her behind while moving out. Apparently, they had some financial problems and had sold their house to some other people who couldn’t take the cat in because they didn’t like cats, but I’d say they were heartless. However, thanks to their decision, Nala has me all to herself. It took a hell of a time for the ginger-haired cat to warm up to me, but now we’re inseparable.
We continued to stroll down the lively streets, filled with screams of horror and giggles. It might be weird to take your cat out on a walk at night, but my roommate went out with her boyfriend, and I was bored all alone.



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