“I’m finally out,” Jared Chance exclaimed as he forcefully took a deep breath of
fresh air. Behind him was Horington Prison, where he had been locked up for the
past three years. Today was the day he was released. “Hmm, I wonder how my
parents are doing.” With a torn canvas bag on his back, Jared hurried home right
away. Over the last three years, his parents never visited him. Hence, he was
worried about them. On the way home, Jared kept looking at the bronze-colored
ring he was wearing. There was a lifelike dragon carved on it. On top of the
dragon’s head was a special symbol.
The ring was given to him by Draco, a friend from prison. Draco was a strange
man. He would constantly ramble on about how he was the leader of the Dragon
Sect and knew everything, including astrology, geography, medicine, and many
more. Not only that, he even claimed that he could bring back someone from the
dead. Everyone treated Draco as a madman and ignored him accordingly. Only
Jared would chat with him and share his food occasionally.
Draco would tell Jared all sorts of strange stories about the Dragon Sect and
Dragon Island. These were names that Jared had never heard before.



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