“After the wedding is over, I will get someone to send you abroad.”
Then, she was sent abroad for three years and was alone all the time.
She did not expect that she would hear such a sentence as soon as she returned.
Divorce…On their wedding anniversary.
“Must we get a divorce?”
Cierra did not raise her head. Her long hair covered her face, hiding all the emotions in her eyes and face.
“Is there no room for discussion?”
Cierra asked with a shaking voice.
Draven stared at her for a long time with his dark eyes. His cold voice was emotionless. “You know, if not for my grandfather’s illness, I wouldn’t have married you.”
Three years ago, Ernest Trevino was seriously ill. His last wish was to see Draven get married and have a family.
This marriage didn’t belong to Cierra. She was the girl that the Boyle family mistakenly took back.
When she was eighteen, she was informed that the real daughter of the Boyle family, Aleah Boyle, had returned. As for Cierra, she was the person who took Aleah’s position for a long time.
Everything she enjoyed should belong to Aleah, including the love of her parents and her elder brother as well as the marriage to Draven she was involved in at the time she was born.



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