“Save my precious grandchild!”

“This is bad! The patient is experiencing a difficult birth, and she is haemorrhaging!” The
doctor’s expression changed drastically when he realised the urgency of the patient’s
condition. He immediately ran out of the delivery room and said, “Family members of
Ms. Hesper Rivera, where are the family members? The patient’s condition is critical!”
However, the Duvals family members sitting at the waiting area were as calm as a
cucumber. They did not appear to be anxious in the slightest, looking so unbothered
that one would even wonder if they were related to Hesper in the delivery room.
The people sitting here were precisely Hesper’s father-in-law, mother-in-law, and sisterin-law, Sophia Duval.
Madam Duval said in a bitterly sarcastic tone, “Is she the first woman ever to give birth?
To think she’s so hypocritical that she’s even able to fake a critical condition when she’s
giving birth! She probably can’t deliver the baby because she’s too lazy to ever do
Sophia was disgruntled because she would rather spend her time elsewhere, so she
gloated over Hesper’s misfortune by saying, “Yikes. I hope she doesn’t end up dead
with the baby!”

Upon saying that, Madam Duval glared at Sophia in displeasure. Damn you, girl. It’s fine
that you’re cursing Hesper, but why are you cursing my precious little grandson as well!
She had already commissioned someone to look into this matter and found out that
Hesper was pregnant with a boy! The boy is going to be the successor of our family!
Hesper can die, but my grandson will live!
The doctor could not help finding them loathsome and felt sympathy for Hesper in his
heart. However, he could not locate other family members, so he could only brace
himself to speak to them once again.



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