Pregnancy slap!! Wendy Finch was smacked in the face. Her skin tingled with pain and her heart buzzed. She staggered a few steps back, one hand instinctively covering her bulging belly while the other hand held her swollen cheek .

”Wendy, you heartless bitch! ,how dare you do this to Eris ?. You’ve always been against us ever since my daughter and i became part of this family. To think that you would resort to hurting Eris with a knife……. If anything bad happens to my daughter, i will never forgive you Wendy Finch”.

Cacia Brown turned away then and walked to the living room . She crouched to the floor and held her bleeding daughter .

” It’s not my fault! i didn’t do anything” Wendy clutched at Brian Oliver’s sleeve as though it was her last lifeline ”Brian , trust me , please, i really didn’t do anything!”

Brian asked , shaking her off and glaring at her with burning eyes. ” there was nobody else in here besides the two of you!!, are you saying that Eris hurt herself on purpose?

” But she did!, she stabbed herself!”

” you bitch!, go to hell”


CHAPTER 1- 160

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