Cordy Sachs, who was dressed in a Franconia designer wedding dress, was looking at
the reflection of her dazzling, beautiful face in the mirror.
After dating Kyle Wickham for three years, they were finally tying the knot—he still loved
her even though everyone was trying to put her down. Smiling expectantly with tears welling in her eyes, she reared her chin slightly as she lifted her skirt and started toward the door… only for rolling wisps of smoke to seep through the slit around the door, creeping into the washroom impatiently as if looking for an outlet.
A fire?!
Cordy’s face fell. Pinching her nose as she stepped outside, she found the banquet hall
that had been exceedingly lively a second ago now empty.
There was only the thick smoke and fire that seemed bent on consuming everything.
She did not hesitate to head toward the location of the exit in her memory, but she
would be lying if she said she was not afraid of the rolling smoke and the blinding flames.
That was when a man suddenly charged inside the hall.
It was Cordy’s fiance, Kyle Jessop.

Seemingly seeing salvation, she cried out as she coughed and spluttered, “Kyle, I’m here…”
Kyle, however, ignored her as he looked around anxiously.
Then, pausing for a moment as if finding his target, he did not hesitate to run in the opposite direction from Cordy, even though every second counted.
Then, as Cordy looked on, he picked up another woman who had been caught within the hall like Cordy and hurried outside.
“I knew you would come for me, Kyle…” Cordy could clearly hear the woman’s enfeebled voice, at once tender and aggrieved. “I was so afraid…”
Cordy abruptly felt as if she was bludgeoned, her vision blacking out as she felt a dull pain over her chest.
The voice belonged to her stepsister, Noel Sachs.
And Kyle would put everything on the line to save Noel, but not her! Her heart was in pieces as if sliced through by a razor blade, and it was a suffocation more lethal than the smoke around her!
Even as she was rendered speechless, the glass chandelier overhead suddenly came crashing down!
It landed in front of Cordy, cutting off her escape even as she dropped to the floor, her soul seemingly displaced.
Kyle turned around just then and saw Cordy falling behind him—but he never




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