The Vampire’s Servant Rory Novel Synopsis

I slammed Springer’s head against the brick of the alleyway. If he breathed, he’d be purple
by now. He was 5’9” with nearly white blond hair and violet eyes. It was the bloodline of my
sire that gave him those eyes, and I was about to take them back if he didn’t have the
money he stole from me and a damned good excuse for his ippant message.
“Grrllbplmm.” Springer gurgled.
My lip curled into a snarl. I wanted to properly crush his throat. After everything I had done
for him, for nearly eighty years, the little bastard stole from me!
I’d spent fteen years tracking him down. All the way to America! I had to live out of a
suitcase while trying to gure out where he’d gone! No servant to take care of my needs!
It wasn’t until a donor told me about a spell which hid you from others’ sight, that I gured
it out. My work was put on hiatus while I tracked my wayward childe. Fifteen damned
Going dormant for that long, leaving my territory for that long. I was homeless and
reputationless now. Only a rumor, a ghost, in the world of the undead. His little game had
cost me everything I’d worked for.
I tightened my grip on his neck. Taking his head off would make me happier than any
damage I could do now, but I wanted more than a pound of esh. Of course he wouldn’t be
able to tell me anything if I crushed his throat. At least, not until he healed and I didn’t want
to wait that long.
I sighed, let him down, and stepped back. Springer dropped to his knees gripping his
throat. I glared at him with disdain.
“Well, where is it?” I growled.
“I spent it all. I’m sorry, master! Please, don’t kill me.” He begged.
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