Reawaken Expired Love Novel Synopsis

Lightning lit up the sky, followed by the deep rumble of thunder outside the
The bathroom’s frosted glass door, touched by a soft, uncertain light, showed
the outlines of two figures.
A tall man and a woman, both delicate and graceful, stood behind it.
Steam clouded the air, making it hard for Alicia Ellis to see. Her hands pressed
against the glass, the pattern of her palms clear against it.
Around her waist, the man’s arms held her tight, strong as iron.
A whirl of emotions filled her. Confusion and happiness tangling together, she
felt like a feather tossed high into the air before falling.
Today, she celebrated three years of being married to Erick Ellis.
In the past, Alicia always reminded Erick, but he never remembered. He even
seldom came home.
Though they were married, they felt like strangers.
This intimacy, typical for a couple, was new to them…
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Reawaken Expired Love Chapter 1 – 4

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