Love Hate Relationship Novel Synopsis

Staring at herself in the mirror, Sasha smiled and bit her lower lip seductively,
she took the makeup wiper she had brought with her into the bathroom to
clean her makeup.
Michael will be done any minute now and he will be coming straight to the
room, so she had to hurry up and dress herself seductively for him. Damn,
she still can’t believe it, she, Sasha, married to Michael, the #1 beauty in
school? Damn, this feels so much like a dream.
She turned on the hot water and stepped into the tub, after relaxing for a
while, she sprang to her feet and reached for the liquid soap with lavender
fragrance and poured into the water. She lie back in the tub and closed her
eyes, breathing in the sweet, sexy fragrance.
As she closed her eyes, her thoughts ran wild, why did he suddenly agree to
marry her? Could it be that he is hiding his preference to men from his family?
It’s possible, of course, how can he tell them he is gay? His mother will have
an heart attack.
Well, it doesn’t matter, whether he is hiding it from them or not, what matters
now is that she is his wife, she smiled at that thought, Sasha Brown, she
smiled again and got up from the tub before turning on the shower to rinse her
body. She grabbed a towel and tie it around her her chest as she stepped out
of the tub. She grabbed another to dry her hair while standing in front of the
She can’t tell what will be happening tonight, whether he is going to touch her
or not but whichever it is, she will be glad if she gets to sleep in his arms, to
breathe in that sweet scent of his that she can’t do without and having been
driving her crazy since today of having to stand and sit beside him.

Love Hate Relationship Chapter 1 – 5

Love Hate Relationship Chapters 6 – 10

Love Hate Relationship Chapters 11 – 12

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