My Ex-Husband Wants Me Back Novel Synopsis

Charlotte Scott turned around and said to a few people present, “Thank you for remembering
and coming to my parents’ memorial day.”
She was dressed in a black dress. Her face was pale but she was composed and graceful. The
guests attending the memorial ceremony comforted her briefly one after another and left.
Charlotte took out her phone. She did not see any missed calls but instead noticed an
entertainment news notification that had just popped up.
‘Katie Hussey and Mysterious Boyfriend Attended Berlin Film Festival Together!’
Charlotte recognized the back figure of the man in the photo at a glance. It was her husband,
Griffith Wilson. According to the entertainment news, the photo was taken exactly three days
ago. At that time, she wanted to ask him to join her on her parents’ memorial day, but she
could not get through to him on the phone. As it turned out, he was busy accompanying his
childhood sweetheart at a film festival.
Feeling somewhat numb inside, she sighed heavily and called Griffith with a blank face.
Two rings later, Griffith answered the phone and said casually, “What’s up?”
“Where are you?” Charlotte asked.
“At the office.” Griffith was slightly displeased. He did not like Charlotte checking up on
The corner of Charlotte’s lip slightly twitched.
“Really? I thought you’re in Berlin.”…. Read full story below

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My Ex-Husband Wants Me Back Chapter 12 – 14

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