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  • Book’s Title: Moonlit Mates
  • Sub tittle: Lies And Betrayal
  • Author’s Name: Tariq Patrick

Moonlit Mates Novel Synopsis

Once Sam settles into her new cottage in a small ski town she gets a job working at the
ski hill as a ski instructor. One stormy night she takes her last trip down the hill to make
sure no one is left out there when she is attacked by a pack of hungry overly big wolves.
Trying hard to outrun them on ski’s Sam is tackled to the ground by a big red wolf hitting
her head hard on the icey slops,
While She’s In and out of consciousness, Sam can hear what sounds like a lot of growls
and dogs ghting, then she feels warm arms wrap around her lifting her.
when Sam comes to, her world as she knew it is turned upside down, she learns what she
thought was all fairy tail stories are not stories after all,
Read as Sam has a baby, gets turned into a creature and needs to save her baby…
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Moonlit Mates Chapter 1 – 4

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