The sound of the tick and tock from the clock had Elijah’s feet bouncing on the tiles of the dining room
floors as he stared at his watch, a sense of nervousness creeping into his chest.

It was Ten-thirty, and he had been staring at this same watch for hours now, still no sign of his wife.
Even though it was like her to come home late,
He didn’t expect her to do so on their birthday since she knew how important today was to him.

Looking away from his watch, Elijah sighed and glanced up, the clock showing Eleven pm.
Then his gaze directed to the phone, lying on the table, in front of him.
“Will she not pick up again?” Elijah asked out loud, his voice low and soft.

There was a brief pause before he reached for the phone, his fingers fumbling with it as he tried to dial Melina’s number.
“The number you have called is currently unavailable…



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