Two years ago George Fuller, Ashton’s grandfather suffered from a heart attack. While he was hospitalized, he forced Ashton to marry me.

During the two years that his grandfather was still around, Ashton disregarded my existence but otherwise did nothing else.

Now that his grandfather had passed on, he couldn’t wait to get a lawyer to draft the divorce papers for me to sign.


A handsome man in a luxury car would undoubtedly garner the attention of many passersby.

Ashton Fuller was the epitome of wealth and good looks. I had long grown used to the curious gazes of the passersby after so many years. Ignoring them, I slid into the front passenger seat.

When the man who was resting with his eyes closed felt a slight movement, an indistinct frown settled between his brows. Without opening his eyes, he asked in a deep voice, “Has everything been settled?”

“Yes!” I nodded as I passed the contract signed with the hospital to him, uttering, “Dr. Ludwick told me to send his greetings to you.” I had intended to sign the contract alone at the hospital today, but I ran into Ashton on my way here. For a reason unknown to me, he offered to drive me here, saying that it was on his way.



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