All it took was one day.
He forgot everything they shared.
He didn’t even flinch saying the words “I’m leaving you”.
One day they were happy, the next they were divorced.
Amara had been pressured to marry Jay, but eventually they had fallen in love, at least Amara had.
Which was why when Jay declared he was leaving her for someone else Amara hadn’t said a word, didn’t even mention that she was pregnant.
She had signed the papers, packed her bags and left the country, promising never to return.

Now 6 years later she was stepping on the soil of the country she missed because her sick father had asked to see her one last time.
He wanted to meet his grandchildren and Amara couldn’t deny his wish. Her only wish was not to run into the one man that had broken her.
Jay was going to see the man that was more of a father to him than his own, the man that had contributed to his success.
Though he had divorced his daughter to finally marry the woman he loved, his father-in-law had forgiven him, taking the blame on himself.
All Jay knew was that Amara left with no plans to return.

So, imagine his surprise when he sees her walk into her father’s house with three kids in tow.
And imagine her anger when she learned her father forgave him.
Jay knew he had hurt her.
Amara thought he was married.
What will happen when Jay finds out the twins are his?
Will he be able to convince Amara to give him a chance?
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Love me again Chapter 1 –

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