Novel Synopsis

Finding out that your father was brutally killed by people he once considered friends
was the worst news I ever expected to receive. I still remember the day that it
happened, that sickening feeling in my stomach coupled with the thrashing of my home.
I’d completely lost my mind that day. Since then, all I could think about was making
Austin and his family pay for what they did.
They not only destroyed my father, but they did the same to my sister. I never found her
body; I could never give either of them a proper send-off.
I should have been there that day; I should have kept them both alive. Instead, I was too
preoccupied with my own fg s*t to realize how much they needed me that day.
I’ve been plotting each of their deaths ever since. I wanted to wipe the entire family out,
but I knew that I couldn’t make it that easy for them. I had to find a way to make them
hurt just as much as I did. I needed to make them pay; I needed to find the best way to
make that happen.
And then I saw her. Maya Lance Vinci. Her protective brothers and parents heavily
protected her. They kept their eyes on her at all times. No one could mess with the little
princess because of them. I realized then that she was their most prized possession;
they loved her so much that they constantly kept her hidden and away from all danger. I
considered kidnapping Lucy at one point, but I knew that she wasn’t connected to each
of them like Maya was; Austin would hurt the most from her disappearance. But with
Maya, everyone would feel the burn directly.
She was the key to my revenge; she was my main target….

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Enslaved By The Alpha Chapter 1 – End

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