Enslaved By The Tyrant Vampire Novel Synopsis

My life used to be perfect. I was so happy I would think that I had to be dreaming. That
surely no one could ever feel this fulled or content with life, but I truly was.
I had found my mate and fell madly and deeply in love. He was so handsome and caring,
but so strong and mere. He was the other half of my heart, my soul mate, and my one true
love. I didn’t have to tell him if I was upset or unwell. He knew before he entered the room,
and he always knew what to do to make me feel better as well. He was perfection. He
would have walked through the res of hell to save me, if only he knew that was exactly
where I was.
Not only did I have the perfect mate, but he had given me three wonderful and beautiful
children who I loved more than life itself. They were perfect in every way, and they were
mine. I would sacrifice everything if it meant they were happy and safe.
My best friend was happy and seeing that made me happy. We had an amazing group of
friends who had become family to me.
I was happy.
But it all changed that fateful day when he walked into the small bakery on the pack’s
territory and I couldn’t do anything apart from watch as my world slipped away. The love of
my life was lost, and my children ripped from me. My life would never be the same again
and I hated him more than anything else on this earth for what he had done to me.

Enslaved By The Tyrant Vampire Chapter 1 – 10

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