The Dark Moon Novel Synopsis

“You should have waited, Thea” Cassidy scolds me. She’s been working at Java Coffee Co. for about as long as I have-about 2 years. She’s become a good friend, so I love it when we have shifts together.”I’m not the most patient person” I grumble under my breath as I run the cold water under my fingers. They already feelcompletely normal. Another reason for my need for speed this morning is because it’s almost time for me to get off of my shift and head home. I’ll only have a few hours to get ready for my first day at Westwood Community College. I’m nervous, but I’m moreexcited than anything else. I have this passion for learning and basically absorbing any information placed in front of me.The front door chimes, alerting me to a new customer. I quickly dry my hands off and walk over to the register to take their order. After another thirty minutes, I say goodbye to Cassidy and Manny, the owner of the shop. He’s always around-usually in his tiny office in the back of the store doing paperwork. I grab a to-go cup and pour a good amount of coffee into it and add some creme and sugar. I will admit, I am a caffeine addict. I cannot go a day without coffee or else I get these awful headaches. And it just tastes so good so why should I stop drinking it?

The Dark Moon Chapter 1 – 3

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