Book 2


I’ve put you forward, you are the one truly worthy of being the Alpha King, along with
Luna Nova as your Queen and Luna, sharing a bond of true power.”
After saying those words Alex simply stands before me holding my gaze as my mind races
at what’s he’s just told me. Alpha King was never something I expected or thought about,
so to be told he’d already put me forward was a shock to say the least.
“Cat got your tongue?” Alex teases as he leans back on the desk crossing his legs casually
as everyone in the room watches in shocked silence.
“Don’t be a cocky bastard” I mutter to him narrowing my eyes.
Throwing his head back he laughs loudly before walking round to take his seat again. “Not
many people would dare speak to my like that, me being the Alpha king” he smirks.
“Not many people would dare call me Jaxon” I counter with a pointed look in his direction
making his smirk grow. “Have you really thought about this?”
“I have” Alex replies, “Ophelia and I have discussed it already.”

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