Wolf Heart Novel Synopsis

Mina has always been marginalized due to her gypsy heritage.Her unique appearance is not appreciated in the Nodor Kingdom, making her lose hope she will one day have a family.However, her circumstances take a dramatic turn when Commander Jayden,returning from the war against the Necromancer and his army of the undead, seeks out his intended bride,Rosalyn, only to discover she has married Prince Liam.Realizing that Commander Jayden was talking about her cousin,Mina boldly proposes an unconventional solution to the Commander: that he marry her instead, with the hope that he will keep his previous relationship with Rosalyn a secret. To Mina’s surprise, the Commander accepts her proposal.Learning that Mina and Commander Jayden are to be married, Rosalyn curses them to be unhappy together.Mina starts to feel the effects of the curse right away and doubt creeps into her mind, questioning whether marrying the Commander is worth the risk.However, when he threatens to reveal their past relationship to everyone, Mina is left with no choice but to proceed with the wedding.While dark forces work their magic, Mina and Jayden need to fight for their happiness.Will Mina find a way to break the curse, or will her marriage be doomed?

Wolf Heart Chapter 1 – 3

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