Mason And Sage Novel Synopsis

“Sweetheart, it was a mistake, a mistake I knew I made right away.””But it sure wasn’t a mistake until a er you stuck your dick in her,right? Funny how it’s never a mistake until you’re caught.””I didn’t fuck her!” His hand went to his neck and he took a step toward me, but I backed away like he had some contagious disease. Come to think of it, he might have if he hadn’t gloved up with his precious Eva. “I admit we got carried away and we were kissing, but it didn’t mean anything, Sage, and it didn’t go any further than that. I swear to you, it didn’t mean anything. I’ve been in a bad headspace about Drake and it just…happened. I love you.””Well, you have a funny way of showing it. Personally, I prefer my expressions of love to come from a man who’s not sporting the scent of another woman all over his body. That could just be me, though.”He took another step toward me and, again, I made a counter move and kept my distance. “I’m sorry, Sage. I’m so fucking sorry. I swear, it was a one-o and will never happen again.””Fortunately, I p be around to see if that’s true or not. We’re done. You’re free to have as many high-class dumpster hookups as you want.”

Mason And Sage Chapter 1 – 5

Mason And Sage Chapter 6 – 10

Mason And Sage Chapter 11 – 15

Mason And Sage Chapter 16 – 18

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