“Little girl, how far do you think you can hide them? You think of me as a
different person, but you and I are the same,” someone cooed in my ear,
making me jump from my bed.
I looked around frantically, trying to find the source of the voice.
“Who is it?” I asked, pulling the dagger from under my pillow.
“Who am I? You should be worried about why I am here. You have been
having dreams, no? Little visions of something you feel familiar with. And you
still ignored them?” The voice asked.
“Look, whoever it is, if you think this is funny, then it isn’t,” I said, feeling a
weird creepiness settle in my bones as I pointed the dagger in random
“Funny? Do you think I am trying to be funny? Well, I wonder what you’ll have
to say about what you will go through starting this moment,” the girl chuckled
“Miss Jade? Miss Jade? Are you okay?” I suddenly heard a voice around me,
making me open my eyes as I looked at the girl who was doing my makeup.
“I will take it from here,” I heard another voice.


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