Rebirth And Revenge: The Betrayed Luna’s Return Novel Synopsis

If only Thomas would listen to her side of the story. They had been together for many years and married for three. How could he believe Mia when she accused Eleanor of killing his unborn child? Didn’t he know her at all? If he did, he would know she was not capable of such evil. Was he so blind to his lover’s schemes that he would be willing to treat her, who had been by his side since they were teens, like this? Eleanor had thought that he would be on her side. That he would try to at least look into the matter. But the moment Mia accused her of causing her miscarriage, he and everyone else in the pack believed she was guilty. They accused her of being jealous of Mia, who had been able to do what she couldn’t in the three years she had been Luna–conceive an heir. No matter how much she pleaded her innocence, Thomas had her whipped and locked in the cell, awaiting trial.

Rebirth And Revenge: The Betrayed Luna’s Return Chapter 1 – 5

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