Heiress’s Second Chance Billionaire Novel Synopsis

“Why is my bathroom so messy, Isa? Get that done ASAP!”“Coming!” I yelled, from where I was stuck in front of the pan in the kitchen, juggling between preparing breakfast for ve souls and the other tasks I have at hand. I felt a bead of sweat form on my forehead from the heat of standing in front of the cooker for so long. I’ve easily been on my feet for two hours now…or three. I’ve lost count after six in the morning.Placing the spatula aside, I picked up the pan and kept it aside as well after placing the last bit of scrambled eggs on the fth plate. I reached my hand out to pick up a nearby towel, then used it to dab my forehead with it to get rid of the sweat, knowing what would follow if I appear like that.Reaching my hand out, I undid the knot of the apron, then discarded it. I neatly placed all ve breakfast plates on the stroller, then pushed it out of the kitchen and to the dining room where they await.Stepping into the medium sized dining room, with the curtains drawn up to allow light to seep in, a stark reminder of it being morning, I was welcomed by the sight of two people awaiting already.

Heiress’s Second Chance Billionaire Chapter 1 – 5

Heiress’s Second Chance Billionaire Chapter 6 – 7

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