Firstly, On an uninhabited island. Raindrops pelted down like bullets, and the crashing of the waves was like drums. With a dagger, Arielle Moore was shaving the wooden piece down with difficulty.

It was as if she felt nothing as the rain continued to hit her face. She had lost contact with her family for ten years. Just as she finally found the Southalls just as she was about to find out the truth about her mother’s death and her kidnapping—a group of people who claimed to be the ones to bring her home tried to kill her.

She successfully defeated them, but the ship sunk, and she ended up on this uninhabited island. It was her seventh day on the island, and she had yet to see any passing ships.

Fortunately, there were many trees and plants on the island, and she had built herself a simple wooden boat. Right when she moved to work on the oars, it had abruptly rained heavily. Rising to her feet, Arielle was about to stretch when she spotted something dark by the rocks.



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