The Wrong Woman Novel Synopsis

On the border of Norvania, Suzanne York was shocked to learn that her
brother had sold her off for 100 thousand dollars to cover his gambling debts.
Technive was a high-tech area that was a hotbed of criminal activity. It was
known for scams, human trafficking, organ trading, and violence. People there
didn’t care about human life.
Suzanne’s beauty had caught the eye of criminals, who tried to force her to
sell her body.
Suzanne fought back with all her might, only to receive relentless beatings in
return, leaving her clothes torn and her body bruised.
Overwhelmed by pain, she finally thought of her husband, Nathan Morrison.
“Please don’t touch me. I can get my husband to give you as much money as
you want. Please!” Suzanne sobbed as she refused for the last time.
One of the criminals’ jobs was to demand ransoms.
The leader of the group, Ken, halted his men’s attacks. He grabbed a phone
and handed it to Suzanne. “Tell your husband to bring 20 million dollars.
Anything less than that, and you’ll have to serve all of us before selling your
body for us.”
A shiver ran down her spine as she shook from terror.
She had admired Nathan from afar for three years before they had finally
gotten married a month ago.
Would a man who had never spent any time with her be willing to sacrifice 20
million dollars for her?
“Okay,” she replied weakly. At this point, Nathan was her last hope.
She called Nathan. Soon, the call connected, but a woman’s voice answered
instead. “Hello? Who’s this?”
Suzanne’s heart immediately sank.
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The Wrong Woman Chapter 1 – 5

The Wrong Woman Chapter 6 – 20

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