The Mysterious Wolf Novel Synopsis

When my alarm went off, I silenced it quickly. My heart pounded as I waited to see if anyone else had woken up from the sound.
When I heard nothing, I let out a small sigh of relief. I gingerly got out of my bed, being careful not to aggravate the bruises on my body.
I made my way to the bathroom and I brushed my hair quickly. I couldn’t risk a shower right now, because I didn’t want to
wake him up. I went back to my room and got dressed before heading to my brothers room. I knocked lightly on the door
before entering. “Charlie, it’s time to get up.” I heard a grunt from the vicinity of his bed and it made me
smile a little. I walked over to the bed and nudged the lump that I knew was my brother. “Come on lazy bones. Time for your
first day of high school!” I cheered with fake enthusiasm.

The Mysterious Wolf Chapter 1

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