The Beginning Of All Sins Synopsis

A man hugged Olivia in bed. He held her hands, and their hands were locked together.However, he was calling someone else’s name. “Naomi, Naomi.”“lm not Naomi. I’m Olivia. It’s Olivia.”But why would he care? He stared at her face that looked a lot like her sister’s. He stared for a long time before kissing her.When they woke up the next morning, she sat on the bed, holding the blanket.Her head was still down, while the man had dressed properly, looking at her while sitting next to her.He had a handsome and intimidating face. He seemed rather cold.The man was Tyler Harris, the ex—fiance of Olivia’s older sister from the same father.Olivia Jones was an illegitimate daughter. Her father by blood found her when she was fifteen.She had a sister, Naomi Jones, who was six years older than Olivia.When Olivia was eighteen, Naomi got engaged to a man from a prestigious family in Tide City. They were childhood sweethearts.

The Beginning Of All Sins Chapter 1 – 5

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