The Alphas’ p**n Star Mate Novel Synopsis

Then came her screams…..
Not howls. Not growling or snarling. Screams. My wolf was screaming inside of me.
Screaming so loudly, it reached me through the fog of the void and the raging storm
exploding around me.
I clung to her voice, trying to nd her in the crimson chaos going off inside my head. It felt
like swimming against the current, ghting a force I could not see. I started swimming
harder than before, my listless body straining to break through the surface of my mind to
my wolf. She was in such agony that I felt it, even in the void I had been oating in for so
long. I felt her, and it was breaking me. Breaking me out of the prison I was in.
I’m ghting and pushing. I’m swimming in the violence, crying out every time one of the
lightning bolts tears through me.
I still ght. My wolf. My wolf needs me. I need to get to her. I need to help her. I can feel her
After ghting for so long, I nally broke free. The heavy weight pressing down on me nally
broke open, a barrier being torn, giving me life once more.
“STOP!” I hear Cortina screaming in my head. “MAKE IT STOP!”

The Alphas’ p**n Star Mate Chapter 1 – 2

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