Save Myself From Desperation Novel Synopsis

Ashley apologize to Jessica right nowThe man’s cold and harsh voice echoed in the sp acious living room.Ashley Ramos stood in the center, her long eyelashes slightly lowered. She pinched the recording device hidden in her pocket and looked at the man sitting on the sofa while ordering her rudely. He was Jeremy Ramos, her third elder brother.Seated next to Jeremy was the supposed pseudo-heiress of the Ramos family, Jessica Ramos, who had no blood relation whatsoever.And now, Ashley’s own brother was demanding that she apologize to Jessica..“Ashley, you intentionally pushed Jessica down the stairs. How can you be somalicious? You’re even worse than a beast!” Jeremy scolded.“You don’t deserve to be my sister!”Ashley felt a pang of sorrow.Her eyelashes trembled as she suppressed the stifling pain deep in her heart and murmured, “I didn’t…”However, before Ashley could say anything else, Jeremy grabbed a nearby glass and fiercely threw it at her.“How dare you quibble!” Jeremy roared.With a loud crash, the cup struck Ashley’s instep and shattered into pieces.Ashley’s delicate foot instantly swelled up.

Save Myself From Desperation Chapter 1 – 5

Save Myself From Desperation Chapter 6 – 10

Save Myself From Desperation Chapter 11 – 15

Save Myself From Desperation Chapter 16 – 18

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