Owned by the Alphas Novel Synopsis

Turning eighteen was meant to be some amazing experience that the village
deemed as an honor because of them.
Like being a chew toy for a bunch of asshole alphas for the night was
something to celebrate. Like saving my vagina to be ripped to shreds by them
meant I should be forever grateful to their big hairy balls. Yeah, right.
The village was usually quiet, but not tonight. Tonight was the blood moon.
The night of the offerings. It was alive with music and the roar of a bonfire as
the village prepared.
I looked over at the white dress my mother had laid out and sneered.
I had contemplated forgoing the whole thing by ruining my “purity” with the
baker’s son in the men’s village, but last time they had been offered a
nonvirgin, the alphas had lost their shit and burned almost every hut to the
ground, ravaging the offender like a whore in front of the flames.
I shuddered at the memory of her splayed limbs getting fucked for the entire
village to see. The worst part was, she had enjoyed it. They were that good
with their wolf dicks.

Owned by the Alphas Chapter 1 – 3

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