Mated to The Quadruplet Bullies Novel Synopsis​

Clocking 18, Suzie had just one thing in mind, to take revenge on everyone who has bullied her,
including her father and the quadruplet brothers, one of them which she has given her entire heart only for him to shatter it.
But hours before her shift, the goddess played a trick on her, mating her to the same brothers she desperately wanted to play with their lives.
What would become of Suzie’s revenge especially now that the four brothers want to be with her?
Even with their lives in danger, all they want is for their mate, whom they have tortured all this years to love and forgive them.
Would this be possible for Suzie?
Or would she turn a blind eye and watch their lives turn miserable?
Read the full story in the attachments below to find out or click here, enjoy!

Mated to The Quadruplet Bullies Chapter 1 – 3

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