Longing For My Rejected Luna Novel Synopsis

Erika is mistreated and eventually framed by the same childhood sweetheart.Now she leaves with that humiliation, and goes back to her pack, swearing vengeance on those who hurt her.They all waited for her to return and beg,but what happens when they realize that the famous Ironclaw Pack that was going to help in the rogue war,was ruled by a woman named, Erika Blackwood. Now her Ex mates want her back.Other Alphas want this woman.. But will she accept any of them?Or will she stay independent forever?…Read the complete episode to find out more, thank you so much!….
Earlier… “I, Erika Blackwood, stand before you, Alexander Robertson, with a heavy heart.I hereby reject you as my mate. The bond we once shared has grown fragile, and my soul yearns for a different path.May you find solace in the love of another, and may we both find the happiness we seek.”Alexander didn’t say a word and looked at me.But he refused to accept. Erika Blackwood is the next Alpha in line of the Ironclaw Pack.She hides her identity and gets mated to the Alpha of the Moonforest Pack, Alexander Robertson.Three years passed, but Alexander is still unwilling to let go of his childhood sweetheart.

Longing For My Rejected Luna Chapter 1 – 3

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