I Have Unparalleled Comprehension Novel Synopsis

It was dark and cold.
When Xu Bai woke up, he found himself lying in a dark and damp place.
The ground was covered in withered yellow straw, but it could not stop the
The chaotic memories washed over him. After he finished absorbing them, he
understood the environment he was in.
He had transmigrated.
That was his first thought.
He had been abducted.
That was his second thought.
This was the Sheng County of the Great Chu Country, but he was not inside
the Sheng County. Instead, he was in a mountain far away from Sheng
County. It was called Dog Tail Mountain because the mountain was like an
upside-down dog tail.
There was a bandit stronghold on Dog Tail Mountain called the Raging Tiger
He was currently inside a cell in the Raging Tiger Bandits.
His current body had belonged to a bodyguard from the Fulong Bodyguard
Agency in Sheng County.
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