His Mate is His Rival Novel Synopsis

Melanie’s mother had died when Melanie was a little girl, barely the age of ve, but Melanie
could faintly remember toddling around the garden as her mother hummed and worked
away in it. She’d hand Melanie different colored owers to smell, teaching her their names
all the while. But as time passed and her mother’s smell and voice became lost in an
abyss of foggy memories, Melanie held on tighter to the picture of her beautiful mother
that was on her nightstand. She was smiling, her expressive grey eyes looking at the
photographer with love, a lacy pink dress on her slim form as two hands rested on her
protruding belly. It was a picture of when she’d been pregnant with Ricky but sometimes,
Melanie would pretend it was a picture with her. Because as every youngest child knows,
the house is always full of pictures of the rst child, but as life gets busier for new parents,
picture of the proceeding children are often scarce. Aside from one family picture that had
been hung up artfully at the entrance foyer, there were no pictures of Melanie and her
mother together. There was one picture of Ricky and Selene on Selene’s rst birthday and
more pictures than Melanie cared to count of Ricky. There was even a book documenting
his birth weight, height and even the loss of his rst baby tooth. But at some point
between Selene turning one, Melanie being born a year later, and the death of the femalebeta, pictures of Carey Young and her children seemed to have disappeared within their
house. The picture in their entrance foyer was one for Christmas, they were all dressed up
and her father had a santa hat on his head. Melanie had been three and was sitting on the
oor with crossed legs, her siblings beside her while her parents sat on a couch behind
them. Her mother didn’t seem as happy in it as she’d always seemed in other pictures.
Maybe it was because she’d found out she was sick. The sickness that killed her was still
a mystery to Melanie but she knew that everyone had known she was sick for awhile. No
one talked about what exactly her caused her mother’s death. Especially not her father
who everyone said had changed drastically after the death of his mate. He wasn’t happy
anymore but did his best to be present for his three children. But sometimes, Melanie
sorely wished she had one picture, only one of just her and her mother. Because as she
grew older, she was forgetting the feel of her mother’s arms around her…

His Mate is His Rival Chapter 1 – 5

His Mate is His Rival Chapter 6 – 7

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