Divorced! Now what? Novel Synopsis

Today I was meant to work, but I swapped shifts with a workmate and decided to work on
cleaning out some rubbish in one of the upper rooms, something I had been meaning to
do for a while, but just never got around to. I was happily singing along to a song in my
head when the sound of a car pulling up in the driveway had me peering out of the
window. It was my husband, Bret, excited to surprise him that I was home and maybe this
time he would be in the mood to have some fun in the bedroom. It felt like months since
he had touched me lovely.


Bethany was home when she should not have been.
Her husband came home unexpectedly, followed close behind him, her twin sister,
soon they were having s*x on the floor in the lounge room, not even making it to the bedroom.

Shocked that it was her twin that betrayed her, she looked at what to do about it.
First Divorce, second take everything from him, but how does she get back at her sister?
Has this made Bethany lost and betrayed, no longer trusting her family, will she find love again, or will she do something stupid, like having a string of one-night stands?

Divorced! Now what? Chapter 1 – 5

Divorced! Now what? Chapter 6 – 10

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