WARNING; Explicit content, strong language, rated 18+ For Mature 18+

Consumed By The Mafia Novel Synopsis

Vivian’s world is turned upside down when her sweet, fun loving boyfriend, Tommy, is killed and makes his cousin Niko vow to protect her.Niko is a brutal man thrown to the head of the families after the loss of his cousin and uncle.The last thing he wants is to babysit an ungrateful toy his cousin stupidly fell in love with.


The room was dark with red hues and a large bed in the center draped in black silk sheets.Niko’s body was over six feet tall and completely bare as he rammed himself violently into a woman he had bent over the edge of the bed.His hand was wrapped in her hair forcing her face into the mattress as she screamed in pleasure.Then he roughly pulled her head back making her screams louder.

Niko’s eyes met mine and he began fucking her faster, grunting out his release as I stood there and just watched him dominate every part of her body.I was right, he was a fucking beast and I swear I was not finding it fucking hot. What is wrong with me?I quickly ran from that room and headed straight to mine. That did not just happen.

Consumed By The Mafia Chapter 1 – 5

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